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Gimet srl was founded in 1991.
The plant is located in the municipality of CORIGLIANO CALABRO (ITALY), has a total area of 15 000 square meters and covered an area of 3500 square meters.
Gimet srl is structured according to the philosophy of a ‘general contractor’ that is able to provide a global service that includes the design and execution of the operations.
Our internal engineering service ensures a professional answer for any type of question. He idea of the Customer is developed and taken care in details to get a product of maximum quality.
The technical office directly provides to compile the structural calculations related to the executive sketches, highly using specialized technicians functional and aesthetical value.
The constructive elaborates are subsequently developed with the layout of the sketches of shop and lists of workmanship through the use of fit hardware and application software Gimet srl is characterised by its capacity to provide a complete service to customers.

Gimet srl finds its way into the market in the field of heavy and light metal structures for both houses and industries.
Thanks to our organisational structure, we are able to provide quick and complete answers to the most varied requirements coming from any type of customers.
The company works in the field of metal carpentry, having specialized in various areas of application

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